Garage floor types must be resistant. Especially to heavy vehicle loads and tire friction. A good floor remains even and crack-free. In addition, it is important that it can look clean and good, without transformations due to sudden changes in temperature.

What are the types of garage flooring?

A garage should have a solid floor covering, whether it is for your home or for your business. Keep in mind that, although they are floors for parking vehicles, they are also spaces that can be used at any time for some kind of family gathering or gathering of friends.

For this reason, you should not consider this area as a place exclusively for cars. An impeccable and well-maintained floor will always be a place of possible recreation. Let’s see what are the best types of garage floors:

Polyurethane coating

Polyurethane is a strong material, it also includes its own advantages. It is resistant to environmental wear and tear such as solar ultraviolet light and provides thermal insulation. Because of its materials, the surface it generates is much flatter. This also results in the following particularities:

remodeling the floor in your garage

Epoxy coating

If you are looking for resistant and ornamental flooring, this is the one. Your garage can become a recreation area on a sunny Sunday. Games for children and adults can occupy this space, because with the vehicles outside the garage, the epoxy resin turns it into an aesthetic and clean place with ample dimensions. It is a very solid floor, especially suitable for garages in enclosed spaces for the following reasons:

garage requires a quality floor. Its qualities are different from indoor floors. But, above all, they have a special resistance due to their use. They are nonetheless harmonious and elegant.

Polyaspartic garage flooring

The polyaspartic coating system is premium quality and scratch resistant. This floor covering can hide wear very well because it is malleable, making it easy to absorb and disperse physical impact.
“1 day polyaspartic polyurea coating systems” are available to refinish your garage, one option that has created quite a stir in the industry is polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings. This relatively new coating has become a customer favorite as an alternative to epoxy as it is much more durable and can have a useful life of up to 25 years or more depending on care.
The polyaspartic flooring system has a fast curing capacity as in a single day you can go from a boring and old floor to an amazing floor covering with an infinite number of textures, shapes and designs customized for each client.

In these links you can find information about this flooring system.

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