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What are the Different Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Options?

Floor coating is not rocket science but if not applied correctly then it can create great problems for you in future. This is the reason why people are taking the help of professionals for getting the Epoxy Garage Floor Coating done. Nowadays half of the population has switched towards Epoxy floor coatings due to its availability in different sizes and shapes.

To cater to your all needs, these coating are present in different types. You can very easily choose the type of coating which fulfill all your needs and requirements.

Let’s have a look at the different types of Epoxy Floor coatings

Self-levelling Epoxy Floors

This type of coating is applied over new, old or damaged concrete floors. With the help of this coating a smooth, durable and levelled texture is created on the surface of the floor. The self-levelling technique not only provides a shiny and elegant look but is available in many different colours. This type of flooring is useful for all spaces including commercial, residential and industrial.

Consider the following points to know where you can use Self-Levelling Floors:

• Showrooms
• Kitchens
• Garages
• Warehouses
• Manufacturing buildings
• Athletic facilities

Anti-Static Epoxy Floors

Anti-static epoxy floors are also known as Electro-static charge resistant floors. These type of floors are known for reducing the risk of many static hazards in your space. This floor usually holds a conductive compound that collects static electricity. If you work with flammable materials then anti-static solutions are highly recommended.

Consider the following points to know where you can use Anti-static Epoxy Floors:-

• Healthcare centers
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
• Places where flammable gases or liquids are used
• Chemistry labs where electronic and chemical material is used

Epoxy Mortar Floors

Epoxy Mortar Floors is known to be the toughest epoxy floor system available for a wide range of purposes. This type of coating is made with 100% solid epoxies and quartz sand. These floors are ideal for those places where a large amount of chemical is being used. Moreover, these coatings can be used for repairing cracks before applying another type of epoxy floor.

Consider the following points to know where you can use Epoxy Mortar Floors:

• Restaurants
• Garages
• Manufacturing plants
• Commercial kitchens
• Mechanical spaces
• Warehouses

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors

Quartz epoxy flooring is a mixture of high-performance epoxy polymer resin and stained quartz grains. This floor coating has slip-resistant properties and can be used for decorative spaces also.

Consider the following points to know where you can use Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors:

• Cafeterias
• Offices
• Lobbies
• Schools
• Restrooms
• Locker rooms
• Showrooms

Epoxy Flake Floors

These types of coatings are used to create a vibrant and colourful atmosphere. And this floor coating contains coloured flake materials. These flakes are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures. This flooring is very helpful in reducing slips and falls.

Consider the following points to know where you can use Epoxy Flake Floors:

• Commercial kitchens
• Clinics
• Showrooms
• Sports venues
• Locker rooms

After knowing so many types of epoxy garage floor coating what are you searching for? Go and get your garage coated with the type of epoxy floor coating that fulfills all your requirements and needs.

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