1.2PROCESS Installation OVERLAY Coatings

Overlays Floors  System


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Step 1

Surface Preparation. Your concrete floor coating is mechanically prepared just like we do in industrial and commercial flooring. Our industrial grinders are sturdily built to remove paints, epoxies, overlays, sealers seamlessly, vinyl and rugs surfaces.

Step 2

Surface Repair. Our installers will proceed to repair all cracks after which they fill them with the suitable polyurea. We duly eliminate cracks and oil stains. Also, we get rid of surface contaminants and fix surface damages.

Step 3

Base Surface Coating Application. Apply overlay base coat.

Step 4

Apply a second overlay coat.

Step 5

Design Pattern (optional). Next, our installers will design the pattern selected in the floor.

Step 6

Staining Process (optional). The stain colors will be applied to the floor.

Step 7

Application of a protective clear top coat. At the final stage, we apply Urethane clear top coat and allow the surface to dry completely.

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