3.3 Basement Floor

Our Floor Coatings Systems

You can request for a custom floor coating if what you desire is not listed in our services and we will be happy to work with you in achieving your goal of stunning basement flooring that stands out among the rest.

Concrete Micro-topping  Flooring

If you are looking for a quick fix for your concrete floor and other decorative surfaces, then you should consider getting in touch with us and see how we transform your property through our bespoke concrete micro topping services. We can enhance your old concrete floor as well as offer you a blank canvas to add your decorative colors, patterns, and textures. This service is ideal for patios, poolside areas and even to indoor spaces.

Metallic Epoxy  Flooring

If you have a taste for the dazzling and luxurious appearance of your floor, then our metallic epoxy is just the best for you. Our metallic epoxy system provides a unique, low-maintenance design that is aesthetically superior to several others. It is a perfect blend of premium floor coating solutions such as pearlescent, and accents characterized by striking color and luminous finishes.

Acid Stained Flooring

If you are in need of that beautiful and sparkling flooring in your home, then you are in for a nice treat. Acid stained flooring, also known as Acid-Etch Staining Floors provide a luxurious and glamorous textured and marble-like look to the concrete floor. Our Acid Stained works by illuminating any spaces in your home through the vibrant color it produces in a plethora of holistic pattern and designs

Epoxy Flakes Flooring

If you want an elegant Terrazzo-like look in your basement floor without breaking the bank. Our flakes epoxy system perfectly solve your problem. We offer vibrant, resilient flake chips epoxy system that gives you a highly durable and quality floor for the drab looking grey concrete floor.

Self-Leveling Overlay Flooring

If you don’t want to live with an irregular or uneven basement floor, our Self-leveling overlay system will quickly restore your worn and damaged concrete creating a flat and smooth surface that will save you time and money.  Self-leveling toppings can correct uneven or damaged floors or serve as an underlayment for epoxy, tile, vinyl or other floor coatings. Also, self-leveling overlays can be installed with decorative purposes, adding patterns and stain colors.

Concrete Sealer Coatings

Whether you plan on refinishing your basement floor or let it in its original state. You should consider protecting it from the harmful effects of moisture vapor, gases flow, and mold.  Our concrete sealer system is one of the best options to maintain and preserve your concrete basement. The sealer coating will not let significant amounts of water on the surface soak into the concrete. 
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