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Pool deck resurfacing is the ideal solution if you want to make your pool deck look new without having to replace the entire floor.

Oftentimes, your pool deck tends to become increasingly blemished as the years go by. But there is a way to eliminate the imperfections of your pool deck and make it attractive once again.


At Forms Designs, our process starts with a thorough cleaning of the floor surface, followed by the removal of any abnormalities and filling any holes the concrete may have. Once this is done, the top layer can then be added and maneuvered appropriately.

We have a range of floor systems that you can use to strengthen and restore your pool deck, for increased durability and aesthetic appeal.

Add value to your property through our elite pool deck resurfacing!

Stained Concrete

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Redesigning your pool deck with our stained concreteis one of the best things you can do to give your pool area a stunning look.

At Form Designs, our pool deck option combines top-notch expertise and creativity to give your floor a unique appearance.

We have spent years helping numerous clients revamp their pool deck, which has strengthened our expertise in creating excellent pool deck finishes.

Micro-topping also gives your floor space an elegant and durable finish and it can be used in stores, cafeterias, grocery stores and showrooms.

Cool Deck

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Cool Deck

Ensuring your pool area stays cool and beautiful allsummer long can only be achieved using the right pool deck.

At Forms Designs, our specialty coating which is also known as cool deck gives your pool area an anti-slip resistant covering in addition to an orange peel finish that traps air and ensures it stays cool to the touch.

We can help you apply this overlay directly over your existing pool deck, and you can be sure it will last for many years to come.

Stenciled Concrete

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Stenciled Concrete

If you’re looking for an excellent alternative todecorative stamping on your pool deck while not neglecting the design flexibility of the coating system, you can decide to stencil your concrete pool deck.

Unlike rubber stamps, stenciled concrete applies disposable paper stencils to impart brick or stone patterns in fresh concrete. You can also apply a dry-shake color hardener or stain to the exposed concrete before stencil removal.

This process will give you an appearance of individual stones or bricks that have been mortared together.

With stenciled concrete, you have nearly unlimited pattern options ranging from running-bond brick to stone, slate and tile.