Fast curing is not the only feature of this system. lt also gives you a spectacular surface that has excellent durability.

“TIME IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN MONEY’ you know this, and so do we; therefore, we are here to help when you need something that can be quickly installed and super-fast to cure. We understand that it is impossible to shut down your manufacturing units, hospitals, and even grocery shops for days waiting for the flooring systems to get cured. Don’t have the time or the ability to shut down your facility—not even for critical maintenance like floor installation? No problem! We have something for you too in our rack. When time is the essence, especially when air management is not possible, and when you need something that gets cured in hours, that’s where the Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coating comes in.

The fast curing ability, significant abrasion, chemical resistant feature, and high-performance finish make the Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coatings the quickest flooring solution.

Fast curing is not the only feature of this system. lt also gives you a spectacular surface that has excellent durability. The course is a perfect combination of great looks, outstanding performance, and superior protection. These coatings have some marvelous features such as glossy shine, clear and aliphatic polyaspartics. The layers won’t get yellow over time, which increases the longevity of the system. Their chemical resistant property helps the floor to maintain its shape for a more extended period.

Another advantage of installing these coatings is that they do not permit oils and grease to seep in, nor they allow them to leave their marks, which make this coating very easy to clean with low maintenance. It is color stable, allowing it to take UV exposure without color shifts, and offers a 24-hour return to service.

Polyaspartic Systems are more than just high-performance aliphatic (UV stable) topcoat systems.

Our Polyurea/Polyaspartic Coatings are best suited for institutions like schools and universities, 24-hours hospitals and public safety facilities and even retail and grocery stores need to get back onto their new floor in a matter of hours.

They can also be integral to All-In-One systems offering superior versatility as base, top & finish coats designed to bring floor coating protection and durability to another level.

These versatile, seamless resin technologies can also provide quick turnaround times for fast-track projects while preserving excellent hardness, chemical resistance, and re-coat capacity.


  • Super-Fast Application 5-6 hour application and walk-on Return to service.
  • Rapid curing (from 5 to 120 minutes, depending on the formulation)
  • All season applications with a temperature range from 30°F to 140°F
  • Outstanding wetting ability due to very low viscosity-equivalent to water on a properly prepared concrete floor
  • Astounding Bubble-free surfaces even at high humidity (although high humidity can speed up the cure time considerably)
  • Pot life of 5 to 120 minutes
  • Robust Prevention Against the Growth of Bacteria Low To Zero Bacteria Growth
  • Provide Great Stability against UV rays that Saves the Surface from turning yellow
  • Almost 100% solid
  • Extremely Low to 0 volatile VOCs
  • Ability to Withstand High-Temperature up to 350°F
  • Awesome Crystal Clear Appearance
  • High Degree Guarding against Moisture does not blush white from moisture in the concrete
  • Terrficly Resistant to Oil/Grease/Fats and Red Wine to avoid Stains
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance (higher than epoxy or urethane).
  • Exceptional Tolerance to heat can cope with Hot Tire pick up effectively.
  • High film build-up that can be controlled by the applicator.
  • Spectacular Gloss Finish
  • Good flexibility for higher impact resistance.


  • Restaurants
  • Industrial concrete floors
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Facilities
  • Public safety facilities
  • Cold storage area floors
  • Chemical plants
  • Retail and grocery stores
  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Food processing operations