Nowadays there are many materials for residential and industrial floors, although we can take as an example polished concrete and micro cement, two of the best options due to their characteristics that allow a good finish. In addition, you have a great variety of uses according to your needs.

Both concrete and microcement are very durable and resistant materials that have somewhat similar characteristics, although it can be said that they have differences because each of these materials has a plus that allows you to achieve results effectively depending on what you need.

Below, we discuss each of these materials in a little more detail.

Polished concrete

First of all, you have to understand that polished concrete is the result of spreading, leveling, and troweling (action by which a fresh surface is smoothed with the help of a trowel or trowel). Finally, additives are added to the fresh surface to harden and give consistency to the material.

Characteristics of polished concrete

Common uses of polished concrete

Microtopping or microcement

Microtopping or microcement

Microcement is a material based on cement, resins, additives, and mineral pigments with which many shades can be achieved. In addition, this mixture is capable of adhering to a multitude of surfaces such as walls, stairs, bathrooms, casinos, and even swimming pools. This results in a few limitations in its use, as it is not only used for flooring, as is the case with other types of materials.

Characteristics of microcement

Common uses of micro cement

In conclusion, we can say that they are materials with interesting characteristics, and all of them are very good options. Each one has a more effective destination, for example, polished concrete is used mostly in industrial works due to its qualities, while microcement is more suitable for housing.

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