Moisture Barrier Epoxy Coating saves your time and helps you to get rid of the problem of MVT

Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for the concrete to be cured appropriately and lose its moisture so that you can install a new slab.This used to happen in the past when the contractors had no option but to wait for new concrete to cure before installing the floor coatings. He also has to do different time -consuming and tiring tests to ensure that the concrete has cured.

Since in today’s context, you need something fast curing, which can help you meet tight construction deadlines. This necessity has made room for Moisture Barrier Epoxy Coatings to take their place.

Now are the Moisture Barrier Epoxy Coatings. Moisture Barrier Epoxy Coating saves your time and helps you to get rid of the problem of MVT, which has become an enormous problem and a high-cost challenge for the owner, designer, and contractors.

Forms Designs Moisture Barrier Epoxy Coating (Nova Bar) is 100% solid, the most advanced chemical resistant coating composed of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol. Bisphenol is a resin that produces a polymer that is best suited for wet and damp conditions on reacting with modified polyamidoamine. This polymer has firm adhesion to wet surfaces and makes an excellent corrosion resistant, smooth and shiny flooring system.

As you know, some concrete can even take months to get cured adequately for the application of MVT. But it is challenging and unaffordable to wait for such a long period in the present scenario.


  • Best for Damp & Wet Surface
  • Very Smooth
  • Super Quick to be Cured
  • Tack-Free
  • Buttery Smooth
  • Stunning Gloss
  • Fantastic Finish
  • High Corrosion Resistant
  • Outstanding Adhesion
  • Very Mild Odor
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Slip-Resistant Texture can be added