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Polyaspartic Flakes Garage Floor Coating

Our Polyaspartic Flakes Garage Floor Coating System is applied using a polyaspartic component which is much stronger and scratch-resistant than epoxy. It takes just one-day for the installation. It incorporates a polyaspartic rapid set, roller grade material that allows us to apply a three-coat system in hours. This process gives you durability, strength, and the longevity needed for a high traffic area. Forms Designs LLC uses the same polyaspartic technology for the topcoat to lock the chips in, and to give it extra strength. Our polyaspartic is a non-yellowing, durable, protective finish that lasts.

Forms Designs coatings are easy to clean, non-porous and guarantee hard-to-come-by resistance to stains, chemicals, abrasion, and impacts. Also, you can say goodbye to hot tire peel that you experience in Do-it-Yourself epoxy paint. Our garage floor coating is incredibly durable and offers you the best value for money.

Better Garage = Better House

Sometimes, we get carried away with the interiors of our homes that we neglect our garage. If you feel this way, you are not alone!

The good news is that you can count on Forms Designs to transform your garage into a stunning and aesthetically superior space.

We leverage innovative technology coupled with sturdy materials to offer longevity even in harsh condition and under heavy usage.

"Add beauty, durability, and versatility to your garage spaces"

Check Below Our Floor Installation Process

Industry-Grade Garage Floors

Trust our high expertise and take your garage’s interior to a new level! We provide premium-quality Polyaspartic floor coating that looks amazing and will last for a lifetime. It won’t scratch, crack, peel, or change its color.

Features and Benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings

  • Hot tire peel resistant.
  • Higher resistance to abrasion even more than the traditional epoxy or urethane systems.
  • Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions whether heat or cold.
  • Low VOC- Ultra low VOC formulation.
  • You can start using your renovated beautiful concrete floor within 6 hours (walking) and 24 hours (driving).
  • UV Stable Coating - Never Turn Yellow.
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Available in variants of color flakes combination.
  • High color stability

Our Customers Reviews

My experience with Forms Designs was stellar

I can't express just how much I love my new garage floors. Forms Designs is top notch. 

Keith Lifschin

Freehold, NJ

A++++ If you are questioning whether to use them

Marco and his team were amazing. The Garage is 1000% better.

Norman Rosenthal


Their staff was professional, courteous, and did a quality job.

Forms Designs just did a wonderful job on my garage floor coating. 

Dolores Hallock


Over 5000 Families in New Jersey are Already Enjoying Our Premium Quality Garage Floors.

Our Garage Floor Installation Process

Step 1- Surface Preparation

No power washing, no sanding, no acid etching. Your garages’ concrete floor coatings are mechanically prepared just like we do in industrial and commercial flooring. It produces a very smooth surface, eliminates imperfections and opens up the pores of the concrete so it can properly absorb the polyaspartic base layer. We then vacuum the floor to ensure all of the dust is adequately removed.

Step 2- Surface Repair

The moment we are done with surface grinding, our installers will proceed to repair all cracks after which they fill them with the suitable epoxy or polyurea materials.
Any remaining surface contaminants are removed, and surface damage is repaired.

Step 3- Surface Coating

Our installers will apply polyaspartic colored base coat with a full chip broadcast coat using industry standard techniques.

Step 4- Application of a protective clear topcoat

At the final stage, we apply Polyaspartic clear topcoat and allow the surface to dry completely. You will be stunned at the transformation we would have infused on your garage floor, all without breaking the bank.

Who We Are

Forms Designs LLC is owned by Marco Cascante, who has decades of experience in the field. He has made quality performance and service his primary achievements. Those are the principles that helped him grow Forms Designs LLC into the top-rated flooring company it is today.

Our mission is to install only high-quality coating materials and ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We are also licensed, bonded and insured, giving you peace of mind in knowing that we are the right company for your residential or commercial project.

Our Past Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

We have curated some of the frequently asked questions as regarding our garage floor coating services. If you have a custom question, kindly contact us.

How long does it take you to complete garage floor coating?

Typically, for 1 to 3 car garages, the whole process requires only one day for completion. In a situation where there is an excess of cracks, we could require an additional one day. Also, some floor coating extends more than 24 hours and an additional day may be inevitable. However, for a decorative chip or flake doesn’t exceed 24 hours.

When will I be able to make use of the garage after coating?

Usually, for pedestrian traffic, walking on the coated floor could commence with just 4 hours while with heavy traffic, you may need to wait until 24 hours. Based on the system installed and the prevailing weather condition, our highly experienced team, will be delighted to give you a specific time for project completion always.

How dirty or messy can your installation process be?

We understand that dust can make your home dirty and trigger catarrh. As such, we make use of many specialized vacuum cleaner during the installation process to collect debris and concrete door. All traces of dust and decorative chip found on door or window will be cleaned to give you a sparkling floor.

How does weather affect your garage floor installation?

We install our garage floor all year round, whether it is summer or winter, cold or hot. Our floor system is resistant to adverse weather condition.

What is hot tire pick up resistance?

Sometimes we get excited with driving and feel like testing the speed of our vehicle. In warm or hot weather, the tire can become extremely hot, and once you park your car in your garage, the tire transfer heat to the epoxy coating underneath. Sometimes, during the tire cooling off process, the tire’s footprint will subtly contract and grab the surface of the epoxy pulling it long.

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