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Decorative Concrete Overlay Flooring

Decorative Concrete Overlays

Regardless of your desire, we will ensure to give you premium concrete overlay treatment that will reveal the beauty of your floor!

A concrete overlay is a thin film of color concrete cement-based materials applied to the surface of existing concrete for renovation or aesthetic purposes. Our concrete overlay comes in a variant of thickness; some can be as thin as feather finish while the others may be thicker.

Substrates are the determinants of how good the concrete overlays will be. Thus, we ensure that we give the proper treatment that will renovate and strengthen your existing concrete floor before we top it up with our quality overlay.

Form Design Garage Floor concrete overlay offers numerous benefits such as remodeling ability, cost-effectiveness, enhanced look, and low maintenance.

How do you resurface your concrete floor with the right blend of colors or pattern especially when the floor is becoming increasingly blemished?

Well, your best bets will be the concrete overlay flooring which is an economical and stunning concrete flooring system. This floor system helps hide the blemishes and imperfections of your aging floor while transforming the appearance of concrete floor place to an amazing one.

Spray-Down Overlay

Our spray-down concrete topping can be used on both interior concrete floors or exterior floors.  The process involves using an air-powered sprayer to create a textured and slip-resistant surface.

All flooring systems can be used for your concrete pool deck or patio to give it a decorative slip-resistant finish. This is achieved by using a use paper or adhesive stencils to create designs such as borders and medallions, tile patterns, and embossed or inlaid motifs.

Patterned  in decorative concrete overlays 

If you’re looking for unlimited pattern design for your concrete floor, then our pattern overlay service should certainly be top on your mind.

With our patterned overlays, you have several design choices for your driveway, walkway or pool deck. One of our popular patterns is the hand cut and custom made resurfaced concrete overlay which can mimic the look of the Flagstone, Cobblestone, Roman Texture Slate, Ashlar Slate and many more.


When it comes to finding a versatile floor design, our top recommendation is the micro-topping. It can be applied if you’re looking to redesign your old concrete floor or used to finish the existing surface of a new building construction.

Micro-topping material isn’t limited to concrete floors as it can also be applied to timber substrates. Additionally, it is available in a wide range of colors and textures and can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, steps, countertops, desks, bars in residential and commercial environments.

finish. This is achieved by using a use paper or adhesive stencils to create designs such as borders and medallions, tile patterns, and embossed or inlaid motifs.

Stamped Overlays

Also known as imprinted concrete, the stamped overlay floor system is one of our popular patterned concrete finishes.

Our coating system uses rubber stamps created from the real stone mold to imprint on to the concrete overlay. And the stamped overlay often resembles natural brick, slate, stone, tile or wood planks, with all the features and grooves of the authentic materials.

Our stamped overlay finish is a popular option with many customers because it mimics the look of these finishes without incurring the cost of installation and maintenance.

The Preparation & Application Process

We have earmarked a foolproof approach in setting up your floor for the coating application. Generally, this is how we achieve beautifying your floor at Form Designs.

installation Process of epoxy flooring

Polyaspartic & Epoxy Flakes  System

Step 1
Surface Preparation. Your concrete floor coating is mechanically prepared just like we do in industrial and commercial flooring. Our industrial grinders are sturdily built to remove paints, epoxies, overlays, sealers seamlessly, vinyl and rugs surfaces.

Step 2
Surface Repair. Our installers will proceed to repair all cracks after which they fill them with the suitable polyurea. We duly eliminate cracks and oil stains. Also, we get rid of surface contaminants and fix surface damages.

Step 3
Base Surface Coating Application. Apply overlay base coat.

Step 4
Apply a second overlay coat.

Step 5
Design Pattern (optional). Next, our installers will design the pattern selected in the floor.

Step 6
Staining Process (optional). The stain colors will be applied to the floor.

Step 7
Application of a protective clear top coat. At the final stage, we apply Urethane clear top coat and allow the surface to dry completely.