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Concrete Floor Polishing System in New Jersey

Concrete Polishing Flooring System

Revealing your concrete floor inner strength and beauty with Concrete Polishing Flooring.

In the past, concrete floors were reputed to be a boring gray slab of cement. But in recent times, the possibilities with Concrete Polishing Flooring are endless when using it as a finish to create smooth, high luster floors.

Concrete polishing is a technique that makes concrete more than just strong and hard-wearing. As it is also involved in giving your floor surface the perfect finish.

At Forms Designs, we use our grinders and diamond tools to grind and polish concrete floors to remove the surface paste and expose the stronger concrete beneath. The result of this process is a durable and beautifully polished concrete floor.

Typically, concrete finishes come in different levels which is seen based on the degree of sheen of the floor finish. We have the A level 1 concrete polish which often looks hazy with a little clarity or reflection. There is also the A level 2 concrete polish which produces a low luster matte finish with a slight overhead reflection. The A level 3 uses a higher diamond abrasive and has a much higher sheen and light reflectivity. Concrete polish with the highest level of sheen is the A level 4 which produces your reflection with total clarity.

Concrete Polishing Flooring Process

Our concrete polishing flooring often involves an initial rough grinding which is generally a three- to four-step process. During the polishing process, a sealer is applied, which sinks into the concrete. The sealer protects the concrete from the inside out as well as hardens and densities the concrete.

With a concrete polishing, you don’t need to apply waxes or other materials to your floor. Also, there is a wide range of design options when using a polished concrete finish. You can finish your concrete look with coloring, scoring, patterns, and other designs.

There is also the stained polished concrete which is a unique way of adding color to an existing concrete floor and it is one of the popular applications for transforming concrete slabs.

Key Features

One of the major benefits of polishing flooring concrete is the lower lifetime cost. The finish is scratch-resistant because the surface is smooth as it is not covered by waxes, resins or filming products which often gets scratched.

Also, concrete polished floors are easy to clean, and they only need to be refinished once every five to ten years.

Concrete polished floor can be used in retail stores and other public facilities because of its high reflectivity giving it a bright, clean and professional image. The finish is also environment-friendly as it contains no volatile organic compounds.