Concrete Dyes and Stains

Staining your home or commercial concrete floors is a fantastic way to
bring out their natural vibrancy, charm, and beauty.

There is simply no other flooring type that allows this much versatility. Concrete walkways, decks, and floors can be uneven, having a dull stone appearance. Stained concrete flooring is a cost-effective solution to bringing out the natural elegance and artistry locked within your existing concrete floors.

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Our techniques include smoothing your existing floor to a luminous shine or providing a unique, one-of-a-kind texture, giving your concrete floors a look all its own. We also create colors and tones that are unmatched and cannot be reproduced, giving your concrete deck, walkway, or floor a color pattern that truly has no equal.

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Floor Coatings Systems

Add value to your property through our elite pool deck resurfacing!

Acid Stained Concrete

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Acid Stained Floors give concrete beautifully textured Acid Stained Concreteand marbled look. It illuminates any space by creating vibrant colors in a vast array of all-natural design and patterns. Our custom-made acid stained floor finish is designed to create translucent effects that are very similar to the distinctions of a natural stone or the aged appearance of a weather worn coating. At Forms Designs, our Acid-Etch Staining flooring system has become a popular option with design studios, architects, landscape architects, designers and decorators for incorporation into the design of private houses, lofts, public spaces, shops and showrooms, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, pavilions and exhibition fairs, hotels and shopping centers.