Investing in our commercial flooring service can create an instant boost
for your business and promote the way customers view your business.

We have the expertise to professionally handle
your commercial spaces such as malls,
hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail,
condominiums, and several others.

How do you want to brand your business? as a
boring venture deprived of life or as a chic
business that pays attention to creativity and
class? We offer colorful concrete slab flooring for
many commercial and industrial spaces with
the multi-layered compact.

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From Small to Large Jobs, Office areas to
Warehouses, our experienced team will help you!
Look at the floor systems that Forms Designs has for

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Floor Coatings Systems

You can request for a custom floor coating if what you desire is not listed in our
services and we will be happy to work with you in achieving your goal of
stunning commercial or industrial flooring that stands out among the rest.


Recurso 99

Unlimited Designs, Patterns And Colors/Rapid Installation/Cost Micro ToppingEffectiveness/Unlimited Textures/Safe For The Environment/Affordable/Low Maintenance/Durable. One of the challenges with resurfacing a public space is the temporal disruption in activities associated with the process. However, with the microtopping flooring, you can seamlessly modernize your floor as you don’t have to strip out your current flooring system making the process quicker. Microtopping also gives your floor space an elegant and durable finish and it can be used in stores, cafeterias, grocery stores and showrooms.


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