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Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Investing in our commercial flooring service can create an instant boost for your business and promote the way customers view your business.

We have the expertise to professionally handle your commercial spaces such as malls, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, retail, condominiums, and several others. 

How do you want to brand your business, as a boring venture deprived of life or as a chic business that pays attention to creativity and class? We offer colorful concrete slab flooring for many commercial and industrial spaces with the multi-layered compact.

From Small to Large Jobs, Office areas to Warehouses our experienced team will help you! Look at the floor systems that Forms Designs has for you.

Floor Coatings Systems

You can request for a custom floor coating if what you desire is not listed in our services and we will be happy to work with you in achieving your goal of stunning commercial or industrial flooring that stands out among the rest.


Unlimited Designs, Patterns And Colors/Rapid Installation/Cost Effectiveness/Unlimited Textures/Safe For The Environment/Affordable/Low Maintenance/Durable.

One of the challenges with resurfacing a public space is the temporal disruption in activities associated with the process. However, with the microtopping flooring, you can seamlessly modernize your floor as you don’t have to strip out your current flooring system making the process quicker.

Microtopping also gives your floor space an elegant and durable finish and it can be used in stores, cafeterias, grocery stores and showrooms.


Higher heat temperature tolerances/No VOC’s /UV resistant/Excellent adhesion characteristics /Fast cure time/ Strength with flexibility/Good heat transfer properties/High chemical resistance.

This flooring option is known for its unique ability to withstand extreme temperatures making a good choice in any setting that is not climate-controlled. Also, hot tire pick-up is not an issue as a result of the flooring’s high tolerance to heat.

Other benefits of the polyurea/polyaspartic floor coating include its 100 percent U.V stability which means it will never yellow. The system also delivers a crystal-clear finish that will not be affected by the moisture from the concrete. It is also high stain and chemical resistant.

You can use our polyurethane/polyaspartic floor coating finish in a wide range of settings from machine rooms to factories and warehouses.


Creates a shiny high-gloss surface/Hard-wearing durable surface/Durable and easy to clean/Resists oil stains and water/Chemically resistant/Can be applied in different patterns.

At Forms Designs, we provide heavy duty commercial epoxy flooring which have been specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of your business. One of the major features of epoxy flooring system is its anti-slip property which makes it useful in both small and large areas.
Also, this flooring system is quite affordable and easy to maintain making it a popular choice in warehouses, production areas, service areas and machine rooms.


Cost savings/Longer durability/ Easy to clean /Available in wide variety of colors and designs/Stain-resistant/Environmentally sustainable/Attractive look and aesthetic appeal.

Our floor polishing system delivers a durable, shiny and beautiful concrete finish to your commercial premise.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your old floor polish, this flooring option will certainly give your floor space the visual lift it really needs.


Low-maintenance/Generate a moisture vapor emissions protection/It has a long pot life/Wicks deeply into concrete floors and slabs/ Sticks to new, and existing concrete floors/It has a minimal odor

You can give your floor space a beautiful look with this simple tweak of incorporating decorative metallic flooring system into the concrete floor.

This system can be customized to meet the unique needs of different types of industries and facilities making it beneficial in a wide range of settings from food preparation areas to warehouses.